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6 October 2010

SC "AB" Business Standard "(public) conducts primary placement of bonds

SC "AB" Business Standard "(public) conducts an initial public bonds series B at $100 millions UAH

06.10.2010 - SC "AB" Business Standard "(public) reports on the initial public offering of bonds of Series" B ".

Bond issue volume is 100 million USD. Date of the placement - October 7, 2010 the nominal yield for the first year of the bonds is 18%.

Maturity period of 5 years (maturity date of September 24, 2015) Date of the next coupon payment December 30, 2010

Issue of bonds will be issuing its own without involving the underwriter through a stock exchange PFTS. Expected ratings of the procedure of the new issue.

"The release is listed on the stock exchange FSTS. Appeal bond will both exchange and OTC markets. Placing a home loan is part of a program to increase and diversify the funding base of the bank. This is the first issue of bonds for the domestic market of Ukraine in the banking sector in 2010. ' said board chairman Vladimir Dubey.

Bonds are today interesting investment vehicle with an excess of liquidity in the market, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of cash flow investor.

Business Standard Bank. SC "AB Business Standard" (public) was registered in 1989 and is part of the Investment Financial Group "TAS". Has full NBU license 84 dated 13.02.2008, on the banking operations in the domestic and international financial markets.

As of 01.10.2010. net assets amounted to 1307.4 mln., loan and investment portfolio - 833.8 mln., regulatory capital - 173.6 million UAH.

Currently in circulation are bonds Business Standard Bank "A" series totaling 80 million USD., Issued in January 2008. Nominal interest rate on the bond series A is 18%. Investment grade bonds have a national rating agency, listed on the PFTS. Issuer promptly and in full compliance with its obligations under the bonds. The total amount paid in interest income amounted to 12.6 mln.

In November 2009, the bank returned the NBU refinancing of $ 25 million USD. and is currently in the stabilization funding NBU needs.

Source: Press-center SC "AB" Business Standard "(public)