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22 November 2011

Group "TAS" noted the 13th anniversary of its insurance business

Group "TAS" had noted 13th anniversary IG "TAS" - one of the first group businesses in the financial sector.

Group "TAS" said 13th anniversary IG "TAS" - one of the first businesses of the financial sector.

During its existence from 1998 Insurance Group "TAS" concluded nearly 6 million insurance contracts, including more than 836,000 - the first 9 months of this year. Clients of the company from 1998 to 2010. received more than 260,000 insurance claims totaling $ 742.8 million USD, of which 132.5 million USD paid only for the first three quarters of 2011. Today, IG "TAS" is one of the leading insurance companies of the country. According to the rating of the journal Insurance Top IG "TAS" is in the top 10 companies in terms of insurance claims and insurance premiums for the I half of 2011.

"Insurance - is, above all, a great responsibility, because, as a rule, we support people in difficult situations to them. Because the reliability and stability of the insurer, the seriousness of his intentions in the market are of great value to customers. During these 13 years, we have come to the aid of many, proved that the Ukrainian company can provide high-class service have earned the trust of policyholders. The indicators that we have achieved - is the result of their confidence in our company, "- the chairman of the insurance group" TAS "Dmitry Gritsuta.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of "TAS" Sergei Popenko added, "Business Insurance Group - one of the most recognizable among the Ukrainians. Professional management, an effective strategy and customer focus have made IG "TAS" successful on the Ukrainian market. She does, and it builds confidence in the brand of "TAS" in general. And after a positive experience with IG "TAS" Ukrainians to become customers of other companies in our group. In my opinion, this is the best compliment. "

Insurance Group "TAS"
• Insurance Group "TAS", founded in 1998, is a universal company and has licenses for 28 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.
• IG "TAS" has an extensive regional network of 28 regional offices and branches, 350 sales centers throughout Ukraine, employing about 1,200 professional staff and over 3,000 insurance agents.
• In 2010, the company has collected Rs 347 million of premiums paid Rs 126 million of insurance reimbursements.
• IG "TAS" is one of the founders and a member of the Ukrainian Insurance Federation, member of the Presidium of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, Nuclear Insurance Pool of Ukraine, National Club insurance payments of Ukraine and the European Business Association, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the credit bureau.
Group "TAS"
• Group "TAS" was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest and most dynamic financial-industrial groups in Ukraine. Companies of the group are presented in the following sectors of the economy:

financial (insurance companies, debt collection agency, financial intermediation, leasing);
industry (engineering and metallurgy);
real estate;
venture projects (pharmacy chain, agriculture), etc.

• The assets of the Group "TAS" Management Company "TAS Group".
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