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1 December 2011

Group "TAS" investing in staff development

The strategy of the Group "TAS" is implementing a program of training key members of the group.

The strategy of the Group "TAS" is implementing a program of training key members of the group. Thus, in 2011, the employees of the insurance company "TAS" (life insurance) participated in the study projects the major European reinsurers and well-known international organizations.

The training program, organized by GenRe (Germany) and «SCOR Global P & C» (France), included a review of current trends in life insurance in the world, as well as different methods of developing and implementing new insurance programs. A separate module was devoted to specific aspects of underwriting and risk assessment in insurance. One of the features of the program is a series of seminars on critical illness and loss adjustment Gen Re Claims Assessment Programme. This course includes the knowledge and best practices of settlement of losses on the most complex insurance events associated with the onset of a critical illness of the insured.

At seminars reputable international consulting organizations such as «PricewaterhouseCoopers» and «Ekkauntensi Tuition Centro, Ukraine", financiers IC "TAS" received detailed information on International Financial Reporting Standards, International Financial Reporting specificity in general, and the tax and special accounts of insurance companies. While actuaries of IC participated in the training program of the "Society of Actuaries of Ukraine" that explores the subtleties of the actuarial reports, as well as paid attention to seminars on the specifics of reinsurance.

"Insurance companies, both life and risk, in our country is under active development. This gives us the opportunity to use the experience of foreign companies, bringing the Ukrainian market only the most effective achievements. Taking part in the training programs leading European reinsurers, we not only raise the qualification of our employees, but also have the opportunity to offer our customers a world-class insurance protection ", - said Andrey Vlasenko, chairman of the IC" TAS ".

Sergei Popenko, Chairman of the Group "TAS", said: "The success of any business - the people who work in it. Business Group "TAS" managed by a team of professionals, so that all our companies hold a strong position in the Ukrainian market. Development of employees, increase their efficiency through training, exchange of experience with foreign colleagues - one of the strategy of the group, and we are ready to invest in it. "

• Joint-Stock Company "Insurance Company" TAS "- the largest domestic life insurance company, which operates in the Ukrainian market since 2000. Part of the Group "TAS".
• Today in IC "TAS" has over 100 staff members. Main partners to provide life insurance services are one of the most successful brokers in the insurance market: LLC "AssisTAS" and LLC "TAS-Finance Consulting." Also, the IC "TAS" has its own agent network, which consists of 19 agencies and more than 400 consultants.
• The volume of capital IC "TAS" is 46.31 mln., The amount of reserves - 312.67 mln.
• On 31.12.2010, the company has collected Rs 128.22 million of premiums paid 4.16 million USD.
• IC "TAS" is a member of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine (LIOU) and the Association of Market Research in Life Insurance (LIMRA).
Group "TAS"
• Group "TAS" was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest and most dynamic financial-industrial groups in Ukraine. Companies of the group are presented in the following sectors of the economy:
And financial (insurance companies, debt collection agency, financial intermediation, leasing);
-Industry (mechanical engineering and metallurgy);
-Real Estate;
-Venture projects (pharmacy chain, agriculture), etc.
• The assets of the Group "TAS" Management Company "TAS Group".
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