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7 October 2010

Pharmacy TAS changes its positioning

In September, the pharmacy network TAS launches new project

In September, the pharmacy network TAS launches new project "For a healthy lifestyle."
The new platform will increase the range of the network in the first place, cosmetics, food and herbal medicines. The main emphasis will be on organic and natural products. The shelves will be new brand of skin care products, including those previously not yet presented in Ukraine, such as the SVR-France and others.
Special place in the product range of TAS allocated cosmetics. Unlike cosmetic products that are sold in grocery stores and affect only the superficial layers of the skin, drugstore cosmetics contain incorporates active ingredients that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and affect the process of regeneration, hydration or aging skin. Drugstore makeup complements general therapeutic treatment helps combat the external manifestations of disease, and is designed for sensitive skin. And it's all thanks to innovative technologies and natural ingredients that are part of it.
For all on-line TAS products have quality certificates, which confirm the clinical studies. Here you can see the catalog of products with detailed descriptions and receive probes.
Special attention to a network of mini farm stores attention to cooperation with the doctors, it is only in tandem "+ pharmacy doctor," you can choose a really effective makeup that is right for you and will bring the desired result. On the basis of the Kiev pharmacies open TAS dermatological centers, where qualified counselors will help everyone to be healthy and beautiful. Permanently collaborates with a network of pharmacies and private clinics Healthy & Happy, allowing for interesting and useful collaborative Projects for visitors, for example, on a preferential basis a consultation trichologist, beautician or a nutritionist.
Also, for the convenience of customers, there delivery Medication that can be ordered by phone 520-50-50 or in online pharmacy at
Less important and original part of the project is to share greening facades Kiev pharmacies, in particular on the street. Thick 5 and Pool 17. Thanks to a completely new technology for their facades Ukraine "came to life" in just a day. Strawberries, chrysanthemums, cineraria - green "wall" is not only pleasing to the eye in these autumn days, but also to remind the importance of thorough and careful care of their health and their beauty!