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9 April 2010

The joint project of Healthy & Happy Clinic and pharmacy network TAS

Healthy & Happy clinic and pharmacy network TAS implementing common discount program "Healthy people - happy man"

Healthy & Happy clinic and pharmacy network TAS implementing common discount program "Healthy people - happy people" in order to achieve and maintain an active health of every resident of Kiev.

The joint work of social responsibility of companies is aimed at meeting the needs of consumers who are concerned about their own health. This means that the discount card allows you to not only save their own money, but also get a range of clinics and beauty services on a modern clinic with the ability to service in one of the leading drugstore chains in Ukraine.

Since April 12, 2010, all those who make a one-time payment for goods and services under the terms of the discount program "Healthy people - happy people," the client will receive a card with a guaranteed percentage discount for future use in the institution.

"In addition, the effect of the program is also distributed to the owners of VHI, speaking to a group of customers an additional source of concern for their own health," - said the director of the clinic Sergei Dzhevaga.

"Favorable conditions for obtaining discounts, guarantee product quality and maximum protection of the values ​​of a healthy way of life - the main advantages of joint discount program Clinic Healthy & Happy and online pharmacies TAS", - said General Director Valery online pharmacy TAS Gudzenko. "That's why every card holder can ensure high standards of service to our companies that have reached a new level of development."

For your information:
Pharmacy network TAS operating since 1998 under the name of MP "Dasha". Since May 2008, part of the Group "TAS". The main activity - pharmaceutical retail. Pharmacy chain represented by 30 stores in four regions of Ukraine and Kiev.

Clinic Healthy & Happy (Halsey End Happy) since 2002 as "The Clinic Family Medicine" TAC. "By the end of 2007 was part of the" TAC. "Today is a modern medical center is a full range of outpatient services. Based clinics are 7 areas that enable highly efficient medical care in the complex.

Source: Press TAS pharmacies and clinics Healthy & Happy