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15 December 2011

IC "TAS" (life insurance) announced preliminary results of the 2011

Insurance Company "TAS" (life insurance), which is part of the Group "TAS", summed up the preliminary results for the year.

Insurance Company "TAS" (life insurance), which is part of the Group "TAS", summed up the preliminary results for the year. During 11 months of 2011, implemented a number of projects to improve customer service, expand sales and introduce new insurance products.

This year has been simplified payment service. Now clients IC "TAS" have the ability to pay premiums with payment cards on the web page of the company, as well as a network of terminals PAT "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", which covers the whole territory of Ukraine.

In addition, the company has offered a new service that allows customers registered on the site to see the status of their requests and track the settlement of insurance claims.

With the increase in the number of clients a network of regional offices of the IC "TAS" replenished six new branches in Kirovograd, Simferopol, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Kherson and Chernihiv and now has 17 of its own subsidiaries. Business expansion and the opening of new offices and is scheduled for 2012.

As before, the IC "TAS" pays great attention to the diversification of the insurance portfolio. In 2011, a special program designed for insurance premiums upon the occurrence of a critical illness. In the near future the program will be run pension insurance, popular abroad, which involves not only the accumulation of funds, but also the protection of citizens from a number of risks.

Chairman of the Insurance Company "TAS" Andrei Vlasenko said: "Competition in the life insurance market is very high. Therefore, customers will choose a company that can offer them the most attractive insurance products, competitive rates and the best service. We use the best Ukrainian and international experience to be such a company and provide our clients with the highest level of service, to give confidence in the quality of our services and all the necessary information to make an informed decision for life insurance. "

• Joint-Stock Company "Insurance Company" TAS "- the largest domestic life insurance company, which operates in the Ukrainian market since 2000. Part of the Group "TAS".
• Today in IC "TAS" has over 100 staff members. Main partners to provide life insurance services are one of the most successful brokers in the insurance market: LLC "AssisTAS" and LLC "TAS-Finance Consulting." Also, the IC "TAS" has its own agent network, which consists of 17 agencies and more than 400 consultants.
• The volume of capital IC "TAS" is 46.31 mln., The amount of reserves - 396.729 million UAH.
• IC "TAS" is a member of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine (LIOU) and the Association of Market Research in Life Insurance (LIMRA).
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