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6 February 2012

Group "TAS" plans to open 20 drugstores in 2012

"TAS-Pharma" Ltd. plans to open about 20 drugstores in 2012.

"TAS-Pharma" Ltd. which is part of the Investment Financial Group "TAS", is planning to open in 2012, about 20 pharmacies in eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as in the Kiev region.

This year, five new drugstores under the brand TAS will be launched in Donetsk, 5 - in the Crimea, and 10 appear in the capital and in the Kiev region. In late 2011, two drugstores were opened in Alushta and Irpin.

Valery Gudzenko, General Director of "TAS-Pharma" (Network pharmacy TAS), said: "The company truly has defined a strategy of development, and in 2011, our business has been growing. The selected format is the business organization - farmacy markets - is the most promising. Despite the fact that most of the pharmacies in Ukraine still refers to the traditional pharmacy stores displace them from the market. It is important that at all points of sale network TAS, without exception, we offer a single standard of service and the quality of the products, convenient location of pharmacies, centralized purchasing, marketing and merchandising. "

Will increase the number of pharmacies by opening their own farmmarketov. In addition, in December 2011, LLC "TAS-Pharma" has announced its intention to acquire a network of pharmacies 10-15. The main requirement is that capital structure, sufficient area to accommodate a wide range of products and high intensity of traffic in the placement of pharmacies.

Pharmacy TAS
• Pharmacy TAS - modern European network of pharmacies that operate in a mini farm stores.
• The history of pharmacy TAS began in 2008, when the network of pharmacies MP "Dasha" became part of the Group "TAS". In 2009 the company re-branded, in which the name has changed, the visualization system and holistic ideology brand.
• Today, the network TAS has 45 stores in 14 cities of Ukraine.
Group "TAS"
• Group "TAS" was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest and most dynamic financial-industrial groups in Ukraine. Companies of the group are presented in the following sectors of the economy:
And financial (insurance companies, debt collection agency, financial intermediation, leasing);
-Industry (mechanical engineering and metallurgy);
-Real Estate;
-Venture projects (pharmacy chain, agriculture), etc.
• The assets of the Group "TAS" Management Company "TAS Group".
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