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31 January 2012

Bank of Group "TAS" paid interest on bonds of series B and C

December 29, 2011 had been timely paid interest on the bonds.

December 29, 2011 had been timely paid the interest on the Series B bonds for the fifth coupon period of $ 0.4 million USD, the rate - 15%. A week earlier, on December 22, was paid on the bonds of Series C for the third interest period of $ 1.4 million USD (18% in local currency). The total amount of bonds B and C series of JSC "TASkombank" is 200 million USD, 100 million USD each issue.

Working with securities is one of the active instruments of JSC "TASkombank" to raise funds. Currently, bonds of series B and C, listed in the second level of PFTS Stock Exchange. Series A bonds amounting to Rs 80 million was repaid in February 2011.

In listing PFTS Stock Exchange include issuers that meet the criteria of stability, liquidity and solvency. Listing procedure provides favorable conditions for the trading of securities on the stock exchange and raise awareness about the financial condition of the company.

• JSC "TASkombank" was founded in 1989, joined the bank in 2004 to finance and promyshlennoygruppe "TAS", from 2011 - the leader in group 4 banks NBU classification.
• JSC "TASkombank" (until June 2011 JSC "AB" Business Standard "(the public) has a full NBU license 84 from 25.10.2011 to conduct banking transactions in the domestic and international financial markets.
• As of 01.10.2011 bank's assets 2,108,800,000 USD, loan and investment portfolio - UAH 935.3 million, equity - 189.6 million UAH.
Group "TAS"
• Group "TAS" was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest and most dynamic financial-industrial groups in Ukraine. Companies of the group are presented in the following sectors of the economy:
And financial (insurance companies, debt collection agency, financial intermediation, leasing);
-Industry (mechanical engineering and metallurgy);
-Real Estate;
-Venture projects (pharmacy chain, agriculture), etc.
• The assets of the Group "TAS" Management Company "TAS Group".
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