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9 April 2015

Authorized capital TASKOMBANKa increased by more than a third - to 300 million hryvnia

As part of a planned long-term program for the development of TASKOMBANKa profits earned in 2011-2013, was sent to shareholders to increase the authorized capital of the bank.

This important decision of shareholders has increased the authorized capital TASKOMBANKa more than a third - to 300 mln. UAH.

Increase in share capital has been agreed with the National Bank of Ukraine - a new amount of authorized capital is reflected in the financial statements TASKOMBANKa that allows us to realize all the possibilities for further development. Capital for any bank - is the foundation of the quality of which will depend on the scale and stability of the bank. Due to the growth of the bank's capital will grow not only its confidence in the bank depositors, but also open up new possibilities for the implementation of new, more interesting projects customer-borrowers.

TASKOMBANKa transition in 2014 to the third group of banks in terms of assets, the growth of credit rating to uaA- (stable outlook), established by national rating agency confirmation of the rating at the level of uaA- (stable outlook) by the results of 2014, attracting and registration with the NBU new investments in the form of subordinated debt in the amount of 10 million. dollars. United States, which was also included in the bank's capital. Scheduled inspection of the NBU in the past 3 years of activity, in general, confirmed the results of the bank.

TASKOMBANK began a program of return to depositors deposits with no limit on the amount through the issuance of certificates of deposit, for which investors are already receiving the full payment of coupons and in August of this year will be the first full repayment of the certificate without restriction payments.