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3 April 2015

"Credit Rating" has confirmed the long-term credit rating TASKOMBANKa

Today, an independent rating agency "Credit Rating" announced the confirmation of long-term credit rating of "TASKOMBANK" on uaA-.

The agency also affirmed the long-term credit rating assigned to registered coupon unsecured bank bonds (Series B, C, D, E) for a total amount of 400 mln. UAH. on uaA-. Forecast ratings - stable. The agency has also affirmed the rating of bank deposits (deposits) of the bank at 4 (high reliability). To update the rating agency financial statements of JSC "TASKOMBANK" for the 2013-2014., As well as internal information provided by the bank during the rating process.

Borrower or a debt instrument with a rating uaA characterized by high creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian obligors or debt instruments. This level of creditworthiness affected by adverse business, financial and economic conditions. The "+" and "-" signs indicate intermediary categories (levels) compared to the standard categories (grades).

Stable outlook indicates that there are no anticipated reasons to change the rating during the year.

Reliability Rating bank deposits at level 4 (high reliability) means that the bank fairly reliable, but is more sensitive to adverse business, financial and economic factors than the bank with a rating of 5. The likelihood of problems with timely return of the contribution is small.

Factors maintaining the credit rating:

  • Increase in share capital;
  • low proportion of overdue loans in the loan portfolio of the client;
  • a substantial amount of funds raised fr om related parties;
  • acceptable performance indicators;
  • acceptable amount of general administrative expenses relative to gross income.

Factors constraining the credit rating:

  • the concentration of the loan portfolio by major borrowers that the possible reduction of the solvency of borrowers in the background of deteriorating economic conditions could increase the credit risk of the bank;
  • the concentration of the resource base of the main creditors, which lim its the financial flexibility;
  • dependence on funds from private customers in the competitive environment in the financial market on raising the resource base on the background of a complex socio-political situation in the country;
  • mismatch of assets and liabilities in terms to maturity;
  • the impact of negative factors on the financial market, as well as low and unstable economic activity in some sectors of the economy, which can lead to poor performance of the bank.