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2 April 2015

Triple protection of the Insurance company "TAS"

On the February 4th , 2015 Ukrainian and Russian Internet edition shook the readers by the news of the terrible accident in Belgorod Oblast in Russia involving a van carrying passengers, citizens of Ukraine and Kamaz. The accident killed 11 people, including one of the clients of the insurance company "TAS".

In 2010, a young man of 35 years signed a 20-year life insurance contract under the "TAS-Life". 5 years customer paid premiums in the amount of UAH 5,000 annually accumulating for the future. But the events happened with the man on the road from Kharkiv to Lugansk, unfortunately, proved fatal for him.

A few days after the accident the insurance company "TAS" was notified of the insured event. The department settlement of insurance claims promptly carried out an investigation in which it was decided to conduct insurance payments.

Terms of the "TAS-Life" for deaths in road accidents assumed payment of the sum insured treble. Under the terms of the insurance contract family of the deceased was made insurance payment in the amount of 350 000 USD.

The terrible consequences of the events caused untold sorrow to the family of Customer IC "TAS", but the financial assistance that got people will be able to partially support the family in difficult times for it.