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22 April 2015

IG "TAS" demonstrates the 37.15% increase in insurance premiums in Q1 2015

Following the March 2015 SG TAS collected 47.79 million. UAH., Which is 40.05% higher than the same period last year and in total the results 3 months 2015 SG TAS collected 141.2 million. UAH., That to 37.15% more than the same period last year.
15 April 2015

"TASKOMBANK" opened a new office in Rivne

JSC "TASKOMBANK" on April 15 opened a new branch in Rivne - Rivne branch 42 (st. Cathedral, 15). It is the first branch of the TASKOMBANKu in Rivne.
9 April 2015

Authorized capital TASKOMBANKa increased by more than a third - to 300 million hryvnia

As part of a planned long-term program for the development of TASKOMBANKa profits earned in 2011-2013, was sent to shareholders to increase the authorized capital of the bank.
8 April 2015

"Your money - your rules": new deposit from TA

TASKOMBANK offers its clients a unique financial services market - a deposit "Your money - your rules." A new kind of banking services can be arranged with the April 8, 2015
8 April 2015

In March 2015 IG "TAS" paid more than half a million UAH for the four insurance contracts

Insurance Group "TAS" in February of this year paid out more than 0.5 million UAHonly for 4 cases of insurance. In particular, almost three hundred thousand hryvnia has been paid to the Insured - owner of the car Toyota Land Cruiser under the insurance contract Hull, who suffered because of theft in Kiev.
3 April 2015

"Credit Rating" has confirmed the long-term credit rating TASKOMBANKa

Today, an independent rating agency "Credit Rating" announced the confirmation of long-term credit rating of "TASKOMBANK" on uaA-.
2 April 2015

Triple protection of the Insurance company "TAS"

On the February 4th , 2015 Ukrainian and Russian Internet edition shook the readers by the news of the terrible accident in Belgorod Oblast in Russia involving a van carrying passengers, citizens of Ukraine and Kamaz. The accident killed 11 people, including one of the clients of the insurance company "TAS".

30 March 2015

Insurance reserves of the Insurance Company "TAS" crossed the threshold of 1 billion UAH

In 2015, insurance reserves of Insurance company "TAS" crossed a significant threshold and by the end of March reached about 1.1 billion UAH. The number of customers under existing treaties, which have entrusted their money to the management of IC "TAS", is also very huge - more than 170 thousand clients, and this amount is growing.
27 March 2015

Insurance Group "TAS" have maid payments on more than 1 mln UAH only by 3 insurance cases in February 2015

In particular, almost half a million hryvnias were paid to the Insured person - owner of the car Toyota Land Cruiser for insurance contrac after being impacted by hitting an obstacle (tree) in Kyiv.
24 March 2015

Following the February 2015 SG TAS collected 41.31% more than the same period last year

Following the February 2015 SG TAS collected 37.36 million. UAH., Which is 41.31% higher than the same period last roku. In the insurance portfolio was: 47.9% of "Green Card" (17.89 million. USD.), 27.5% were MTPL (10.27 million. UAH.) 13.0% - insurance (4.85 million. USD.). Further, in the structure of the insurance portfolio 3.0% - property (0,34mln. USD.), 0.9% is DCC (0.34 mln. USD.), And 7.7% - other types of insurance (2.96 million . USD.).