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15 December 2011

IC "TAS" (life insurance) announced preliminary results of the 2011

Insurance Company "TAS" (life insurance), which is part of the Group "TAS", summed up the preliminary results for the year.
12 December 2011

Launched a social program drugstore network of Group "TAS"

Caring for the health and welfare of the Ukrainians, the Group "TAS" has launched a social program for customers drugstore network TAS.
12 December 2011

"TASkombank" gives personal loans with "KreditMarket"

JSC "TASkombank" and financial company "Financial Solutions Center" (TM "KreditMarket") have signed a cooperation agreement.
7 December 2011

Insurance Company of Group "TAS" implemented payments on long-term survivorship life insurance

In 2011, the Insurance Company "TAS" completes the first stage of survivorship payments on the 10-year long-term contracts of life insurance.
2 December 2011

Shares of Bank Group "TAS" listed on the FSTS

Ordinary shares of JSC "TASkombank" transferred from the total exchange list in quotation listing of the 2nd level.
1 December 2011

Group "TAS" investing in staff development

The strategy of the Group "TAS" is implementing a program of training key members of the group.
30 November 2011

Group "TAS" expands drugstores TAS

This fall, the drugstore network of Group "TAS" replenished with two new drugstores in Yalta and Kiev.
28 November 2011

Group "TAS" announced the results of the IC "TAS" (life insurance)

Group "TAS" financial summary of the Insurance Company "TAS" (life insurance) for the first nine months of 2011.
24 November 2011

Group "TAS" takes part in the III international exhibition GREENEXPO

Venture Project of Group "TAS" agrifuels SALIX energy company involved in the Third International Conference and Exhibition «GREENEXPO | Alternative Energy", which takes place on 26-28 October 2011 in the exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza.
22 November 2011

Group "TAS" noted the 13th anniversary of its insurance business

Group "TAS" had noted 13th anniversary IG "TAS" - one of the first group businesses in the financial sector.