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Personnel policy

HR Policy of JSC «Group TAS» is formed on the basis of the strategic objectives of the company in the medium and longer term and on the priorities of its  business units. Also it is based on the current Ukrainian law, best management practices and the creative potential of each employee.

Our HR is guided by the following values:

  • Our staff is the main value of our company. We provide an individual approach to every employee and heads of divisions at our group of companies
  • our business is growing along with our staff. We strive to provide our employees with solid support and necessary means for professional development and career growth
  • our company is result driven.
  • we encourage initiative, creativity, dedication and responsibility for each assignment
  • we are  the team in which professionalism, efficiency and cohesion depends on each employee
  • our business is accountable and transparent.

Our HR policies are implemented in the following ways:

  • applying formal procedures for primary assessment of candidates for vacancies at the Managing Company of the Group
  • selecting candidates for senior management posions at companies  of the Group
  • assisting newly hired and transferred employess in quick adaptation
  • staff assessment in according to current functional volume and levels of contributionto to business results
  • creating individual development plans for the employees
  • performance management system elaboration, operating with the staff (pipe line) reserve and development of professional continuity
  • knowledge management through the external and internal training, the system of distance learning, self-education and talent- management
  • motivating employees to achieve high standards of quality job through effective combination of financial and net-financial factors
  • maintaining the system of corporate values (corporate culture), ensuring the loyalty of the staff
  • keeping the functioning system of internal communications.

We are open to anyone who is willing to share our values with us , to realize their creative potential in our  team.