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tel.: (044) 593-73-01
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About TAS Group

TAS Group, founded in 1998, is one of the largest and fastest-growing financial and industrial groups in Ukraine.

Business interests of the TAS Group include:

As an innovative company, TAS Group conducts its business in accordance with modern international standards, ensuring high levelsof profitability of the share capital, facilitating the development of markets in which it is present and responding to the demands and needs of all clients.

The key to successful development of the Group is its continuous refinement, commitment to advanced technologies and management practices, and involvement of highly qualified specialists and professional consultants with extensive experience and profound knowledge. At the same time the most important asset of the Group is the united team of associates who combine company's corporate values with focus on leadership. We are young, ambitious and successful. We are constantly learning, and every day we offer our business partners the best solutions for cooperation and wellbeing. The effectiveness of our work is measured not only by our financial performance but also by the positive reputation of the Group in its markets.

The founder and main shareholder of the TAS Group and its managing company is Mr. Sergiy Tigipko.

Graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Steel Institute of Red Banner Labor. eld the seniorpositions at Dnipropetrovsk MechanicsandMetallurgical College.

1991-1992 - Deputy Chairman of the Board, Head of the Development, Scientific and Technological Department at the Dnipro in Dnepropetrovsk.

1992-1997 - Chairman of the Board of CB Privatbank.

1997 – Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine.

1997-1999 Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

1999-2000 The Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

2002-2004 Chairman of The National Bank of Ukraine.

2005- 2009 Chairman of the Board of JSC TAS-Commerzbank (from 2007 - JSC Swedbank).

2010-2014 Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine.

Ukrainian People'sDeputy ofthree convocations. Candidate of Economic Sciences.

The main shareholder of JSC TASCOMBANK.