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TAS Group promotes development of culture in Ukraine, organizing and sponsoring a foreign and Ukrainian film festivals.

TASCOMBANK is one of the partners of Odessa International Film Festival.

This is the annual festival, which is held in Odessa in mid-July. For the first it was held July 16-24, 2010.

The international competition includes films from all over the world, mostly international or national premieres, for the most demanding and passionate viewers. The film selection is focused on so-called art mainstream, which includes the films possessing a refined artistic quality, yet accessible to the broadest audience possible. For Odessa International Film Festival, viewers are the main focus and, since 2012 the audience awards the Grand-Prix. International Jury awards winners in the Best Film, Best Acting, and Best Director categories.

Competition includes the newest films from Ukraine and awards the first and only Ukrainian National Award for the Best Ukrainian Film. 

Eventually, OIFF aims to become one of the main places for Ukrainian film industry, aspiring to cover all the stages of the film process from pitching and production to distribution and audience feedback.

Details are on the official website:

TASCOMBANK also is a partner of Ukrainian Film Academy and The National Film Awards 

Ukrainian Film Academy is an association of experts and professionals in the field of cinema and filmmaking. The union was founded in order to support and develop the national cinema. Since 2017 Ukrainian Film Academy will present with an National Film Awards.

The main mission of the Film Academy is to promote the Ukrainian film industry in Ukraine and beyond its borders, in particular by:

- organizing of events, where film industry experts will objectively determine the best achievements and personalities in the national cinema;

- organizing of events, where moviegoers will take the great opportunity to see the new Ukrainian films;

financing of educational film programs.

The foundation of the Film Academy was held with a support of the State Agency of Ukrainian Film Affairs.

2008 - 2010

The festival of “New German Cinema ", held in six major cities of Ukraine, was one of the biggest events ever presented in our country. Together with TAS Group  the event was supported by the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine, the Goethe Institute, the company "Arthouse Traffic".

In addition to the main program, which included festival hits of last season, there was a  demonstration of documentaries, a collection of high budget television movies, as well as a collection of short films. At the opening of the “New German Cinema " there was the demonstration of the movie “Orgiastic life” / Das Wilde Leben in the genre of the tape" sex, drugs and rock-n-roll "  depicting life path Ears Obermayer - the symbol of the sexual revolution in Germany.

In addition to spectator events in the “New German Cinema ", a forum for co-production with the participation of German and Ukrainian producers, as well as a series of master classes for students of film studies in Ukraine.

The "New British Cinema", which started in late November 2008, was organized jointly with the company "Arthouse Traffic" and the British Council in Ukraine. The festival brought a number of movies by such British filmmakers  as Steffen Aumueller, famous for the works “New York, I love you" and “The Lucky Ones” with Tim Robbins as the main character, as well as Baillie Walsh , well know for the project with group "Oasis" - "Lord Don't Slow Me Down".

The forum was opened with a demonstration of film “Flashbacks of a Fool” of Baillie Walsh. The main character in the film was played by Daniel Craig, who in addition to acting work has also been involved in financing the project.

The festival "Evenings of French Cinema" brought viewers in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Zaporozhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa and Sevastopol the films of Laurent Kanté ( "Class"), "La Belle Personne" from "New Ozon"’s Christophe Honore the movie "15 Ans et Demi" (with Daniel Otey playing main character), "Those who remain”, as well as the almanac of black-and-white animated horror movies" Fear (s) of darkness" from the best French animators.

For reaffirming its social significance, TAS Group plans to continue active support  of the film festivals and premières, expanding cultural ties between Ukraine and other countries.