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The components of successful school education are the professional competence of teachers and their wellbeing, technical and material support of education institutions, arrangement of proper conditions for teachers and students.

Project realization: we continue to provide reconstruction and change the old windows unfit for use for modern windows; to support the renewal of school material resources in order to improve teaching and learning activities, physical and cultural development of children.



Children assistance and looking after their future are one from priority areas of Fund’s activity. We have decided to improve the village nursery-school life of young citizen to the intent that it will be interesting and comfortably here within all day.

Project realization: state funds are insufficient to keep up the pre-school institutions to the state of the art. Pre-school material resources were not renewed tens of years. The parents need to buy bed sheets and toys, to make renovations and things on own account. There are problems with household appliances, furniture and facilities.



Within this project the fund will help rural councils to solve urgent outstanding problems related to the community: street lighting, cemetery fence, building of playgrounds, reconstruction of the monument for those who perished in the Great Patriotic War, acquisition of communication technology, computer equipment, household equipment, arrangement of rural councils premises.



The year 2015 is the beginning of major changes and reforms for our country, but to introduce them we need a time. Sometimes people life depends on the basic things – the availability of medicines, specialists, medical equipment, transport, fuel.

Project realization: The Fund decided to support feldsher-midwife stations and ambulatory of rural and township councils. In particular, the support of these medical institutions is performed by the acquisition and transfer for use of the medicines of emergency medical services, medical equipment (tonometer, glucometer etc.), supply of feldshers with medical bags equipped with medicines and medical devices, and also assistance in repairs and arrangement of medical institutions.